Monday, March 14, 2011

Elizabeth... a long-over due WIP

I managed to bring home all of my BAP WIPs yesterday. Houses of Hawk Run Hollow, And They Sinned, and Elizabeth and The Lavender Sky.

I haven't worked on Elizabeth & TLS since 2007. I think I may have discovered why... it's on 36 count! Hello? I DO NOT stitch on 36 count! I stitch on 32 count!

I have NO idea what happened. I know I ordered 32 count! But, sure enough, when Mike and I checked last night -- we came up with the same count.

That explains why the single strand silk (Vikki Clayton's HDF) covered so well.

I'll be blind when this thing is finished!

This is a photo of the last time I worked on Elizabeth, I haven't worked on it today. It's done in Vikki Clayton's regular HDF -- one over two. I converted the threads myself. The fabric is Sugar Maple's Wild Rose.
As you know, I brought home almost all of my stash last night. I still have two large boxes of charts and my box of silks left to retrieve.
I can't believe how much stash I have. Things I had on my 'wish list' -- I already have! EEK!
Good thing I haven't ordered much lately.
I'm going to put up a SALES list soon. I may as well rid myself of things I've already stitched or for which I no longer have interest.

If anyone is interested, I have some NPI silks that I'd like to trade for Carriage House Samplers' Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow. I think there are about 40 full skeins and some 1/2 skeins.
Ah, well. It's 4:30 and I've yet to wash my dishes... best get to it!


Bernice said...

what you have done looks very pretty, hope you will continue

Rita said...

It's beautiful so far. I love the colors.

Good luck with the 36 ct. I have a wip on that count too....a bap. Ugh!

xsgail said...

A question about the NPI silks. Are these colors used on any of the HRH charts? I'm going to start VOHRH and am thinking about using silks.

blueladie said...

Starting the weekend blog hop (123) WOW that's beautiful. No wonder you laid it aside for a while ( 36 CT - YIKES ). Looking forward to seeing your sales. I just started my Christmas at HRH adding it to my rotation. :) Cathryn