Saturday, February 26, 2011

Salem Sisters II -- a Work in Progress

When Salem Sisters was realeased a few years ago -- I loved it! I bought it, I stitched it. Salem Sisters II followed and I bought it, too.
The stitching, however, has not progressed nearly as quickly or as steadily as I had hoped.
I've been kinda... stuck.
However, I'm going to start working on again today. It's a WIP who's time has come. I need to finish it. I want to finish it!

I want to finish ALL of my WIPS: Elizabeth & The Lavender Sky, Houses of Hawk Run Hollow, And They Sinned, and Doxology.

I need to 'clean the slate', as it were.
I still have a few big projects on my list -- but they're unstarted. So... :)
Time to get off the 'net and get to my needle and thread.
Happy Stitchin', ya'll!

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