Monday, December 06, 2010

Rest in Peace: Ginnie Thompson

Ginnie Thompson, the First Lady of Cross Stitch, has passed away.

She is the person who brought modern-day Cross Stitch back to the American crafting scene and has been it's tireless promoter and defender for many, many years.

Please take a moment to remember Ginnie in your thought and prayers.

And please, offer your good thoughts and prayers of comfort to Ginnie's beloved daughter, Meg.

Thank you, Ginnie, for your devotion to the Art of Needlework. Without you -- Needlework would never have come so far.



Patricia said...

I just read that Ginny Thompson has passed away. I would like to say that because of her I have enjoyed cross stitch for nearly forty years now.
I have clear memories of being taught to cross stitch by Ginny in a slave cabin on Pawley's Island, 1972.
I went with a good friend and Ginny gave us a private lesson and then took us through the shop. We were hooked!
Thank you, Ginny!
I still have xeroxed copies of some of her patterns and of her philosophy regarding cross stitch.

Patricia said...

It would be fine with me if you wanted to correct my misspelling of Ginnie's name.
I would like you to, in fact!
She was a wonderful lady and I want to spell her name correctly!
Thank you.

Karen Wilson said...

Good Morning,
I'm new to this site. I was at the flea market today & bought some used cross stitch books & came across this beautiful little spiral bound book with a flower motif on it by a Ginnie Thompson. It was signed by her to the owner a Julia Jenkins. I've never seen anything like it before. This site brought me here after doing a google search. The woman who owned it made some notes, papercliped her linen to the page. There's even a note on a class from Valley Forge PA! Even though I only payed a quarter for it, it will be something I will treasure always!
Thank you for letting me share!!
Karen Wilson
Vineland, NJ :)