Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My year in review... oh boy.

It was definitely... a year. A long one with some bumps and curves and surprise endings I never expected.

It started off badly -- we didn't have ANY heat in our house for a week in January -- the coldest bloody week of last winter. Mike was off on a job site for three weeks. (As luck would have it, he was gone whilst Morgan and I were freezing to death).

It became obvious rather quickly that we needed to move -- Morgan was heading off to University after she graduated in May anyway.

We were planning to move in the Fall. The fire kinda moved things along a helluva lot more quickly that we thought.

I realized as we cleaned out the home we'd lived in for eight years... that I was thisclose to being defined as a 'hoarder'. Visions of therapists and organizers danced in my head.

I tossed a LOT of stuff! My local thrift store must've thought Christmas came in August.

I even tossed a few hundred XS Magazines and old charts. No, I didn't cry! :)

So, we moved. And here we are in a small efficiency apartment while we decide where to move.

In the meantime, more than half of my stitching is in storage: Charts, fibres, needles, fabric, WIPs... lovely.

As I said... a most unexpected turn of events.

However, some curves were welcome. I started stitching again after a 22 month stitching slump! YEA ME! :)

I've finished 4 pieces since August: Picasso's Rooster, Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, No Hearth, and Blue Mountain Bunny!

Very satisfying.

On to 2011 and my No obligation -- No Guilt Challenge! Hopefully, this will be an easy challenge for me!

Well, I'm off to do a bit of much-needed housework and laundry, then off with Mike for Chinese (he doesn't know about that yet).

I hope your Christmas and Holiday Season has been joyous and safe. Take care and Happy Stitching!



Vicky said...

I think that 2010 has been a bumpy year for a lot of people. Enjoy the Chinese :)

Bette said...

Look at it this way: 2011 has got to be better, right? Happy New Year!