Thursday, October 21, 2010

The On-line Needlework Show!

The On-Line Needlework Show started today and I've found a TON of items I really like!

Be sure to check it out -- copy down the links to your favourites and share them, please! I'm eager to see what everyone else will buying.
Witchville -- Homespun Elegance
Front Doors in Edinburgh -- Jeanette Ardern Designs
As G-d is my witness -- Labor of Love Designs
Winter is past -- Milady's Needle
Margaret W Brown -- Milady's Needle
The Birds and the Bees -- Milady's Needle
Black Cat Manor -- Praiseworthy Stitches
Tartan Pumpkins -- Samplers Revisited
Drink Coffee -- SzuLet Creations
Flying Witch Scissors -- Uncommon Scissors
Cats Gather Here -- Whispered by the Wind
Blairgowrie -- With My Needle
The Stitcher -- X's & Oh's

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