Sunday, October 31, 2010

My HDF (Hand-Dyed Fibers) Finishes: 2006-2010

These are my Finishes using Vikki Clayton's Hand-Dyed Fibers (silks).
There are 60 total finishes and I have about 20 in-progress / kitted up!

Her silks are wonderful -- strong, beautiful, and easy to use. They don't shred, knot, tangle, or fade. I really don't want to stitch with any other fiber.

Vikki also sells directly to her customers (and we are a loyal group of stitchers!) and this helps keep the cost of her silks very affordable.

Please visit her website: Hand-Dyed Fibers and take a look around -- I know you'll love it! :)

*** Please support your Independent Needlework Designers, Floss, and Fabric Dyers. They are the foundation of our craft.
For Needlework to survive and thrive for the next generation of Stitchers, we MUST allow for creative growth.
When the Independents are pushed out of business -- we all lose: Our choices dwindle and our craft suffers. ***

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alyssa_marie80 said...

Awesome! I'm a big lover of Vikki Clayton silks as well :) Your finishes are beautiful