Saturday, September 18, 2010

I've lost my mind...

But not my stitching mojo! I have way too many starts -- 6! That in just a few days back into the stitching groove.

That's okay -- I guess. I need to keep myself busy and motivated. I am so enjoying myself... this 'empty nest' has a few benefits.

Right now, I'm jonesing for fabric -- We didn't get to the storage shed (unit) and my Doxology Sampler is calling my name. I am just praying I have the right linen for it. I don't think evenweave will work for it.

I did begin Sunshine & Shade from My Mark last night on a 32 ct. evenweave from Silkweaver. It's going to be gorgeous -- hopefully, I'll have some progress photos tomorrow night.

On my food blog (yeah, occassionally I DO cook!), I just posted a great Apple Cake recipe -- stop by and check it out!

Pumpkinberry Pie

'Til Tomorrow! The Lord watch between me and Thee...


Erik D Shipley said...

If ya ever get bored of stitching you need to stitch one of my patterns. Guaranteed not to be boring. HAHA

Erik D Shipley said... me when you have the time.