Monday, December 15, 2008

The never-ending stitching slump

How fun is this? I haven't taken a stitch since the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

I'm well over 2/3 finished with "No Hearth" and just can't seem to pick up a needle.

I do this every single year and it's really getting old.

I'm determined to stitch tonight -- I know that all I have to do is find that old rhythm and I'll be back on track. I just want to finish one more project before the New Year... just one!

I haven't set and stitching goals for 2009. I really need to concentrate on finishing 3 of my BAPs: And They Sinned, Houses of Hawk Hollow, and Elizabeth and The Lavender Sky. Getting those three off of my plate would be a huge relief.

Salem Sisters, Rain Rain, and Coffee Menu all need to be finished up as well.

I've gotta get my mojo working!

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