Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Debate... women... and "feminists"?

I try not to post too much personal stuff here. It's a stitching blog, after all.

Today, I make an exception.

Tonight is the debate between the two American Vice-Presidential candidates: Sarah Palin & Joe Biden.

I am no fan of Joe Biden. He's a well-documented plagiarist and liar. He admits to "exaggerating" when he gets angry of excited. You can google the words "Biden Lies" and get dozens of well-documented articles about his less than savory escapades.

Hhhhhmmm. That's not a trait I want in any politician much less the Vice President.

I am a fan of Sarah Palin. She's extraordinarily bright, sympathetic, knowledgeable, personable, and confidant in her opinions and her lifestyle.

I foresee ole Joe getting flustered by Palin tonight. What gaffes and faux pas that may lead to will be fun to watch. Perhaps not so much fun for the Obama campaign. I know that Obama choosing Biden cost him my vote.

One of the things that has really angered me recently has been the women who are saying that Palin cannot cal herself a feminist because she's pro-life. What???

I thought the whole point of the feminist movement was to allow every woman the chance to make her own choices -- free of derision or subjugation or undue criticism based on that woman's personal choices!

Obviously not. Apparently, a woman is not allowed to make her own choices UNLESS it is a choice decreed by the so-called leaders of the feminist movement.

Now, it's those very liberal, activist, pro-abortion women who are telling those who do not agree with them to shut up and get back to your kitchen.

How that helps women -- I don't know.

By the way, I say "pro-abortion" because I've noticed when someone
someone says they are 'pro-choice' -- the only choice they seemingly approve of is the choice to abort.

If Sarah Palin were a Democrat -- she'd be a media darling. But she's a Republican so they treat her as a pariah. This double standard within the media is disturbing. News organizations are becoming partisans in campaigns. MSNBC has become nothing more than an all-Obama-all-the-time campaign stop. CNN is coming close to the same.

What happened to objective reporting? What happened to the ideal of unbiased news reports? Where is Edward R. Murrow when you need him?

Anyway... that's my one and only person political / news vent for the year. Hopefully.

Be sure to vote in November. Voting is a Privilege -- Don't squander it.

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