Sunday, September 28, 2008

Still stitching...

I still haven't finished Westwinds. I'm hoping I can finish it by tonight. I just have one house and the blue at the bottom to go.

I probably could've done it yesterday, but I spent the morning working on Coffee Menu and last night we were at my BIL's 40th Birthday party.

No way to sit and stitch with a party going on!

The On-line Needlework Show closes tomorrow. I didn't find much that I really liked this time 'round except a few Quakers. Maybe the April Show will bring some designs.

Today is the last day of Baseball's regular Season. My Braves won't be in the post-season, so I'm now officially rooting for the Cubs. On the AL side, I hope the Angels make it to the Series.

Well... I'm off to start work on Westwinds -- if I finish it up today, I'll post a photo.

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