Thursday, August 07, 2008

Too hot to stitch...

The dog days of summer have hit Southeast Georgia hard... very hard. Right now, at 10:55 a.m., it's 91 degrees with a Heat Index of 100+.

No way am I turning on that Daylight Lamp -- our A/C is struggling to keep the house cool as it is.

So... no stitching updates.

The Braves lost last night, too.

My DD has started her Junior year in high school. Hard to believe my baby is less than a month from turning Sweet 16! She received her HS ring last Sunday afternoon. She's very proud of it -- and she should be. She's kept a 3.5 average throughout her Middle and HS days.

Ah, well... time to go decide what to do for dinner... it MUST be something that doesn't require heating up the kitchen too much. It's too damn hot to do a lot of cooking.

I think spaghetti may be the way to go tonight and Tacos / Burritos for Friday.

Oh yeah... Friday. We're supposed to have a "Cold Front" move through the area to drop our temps in to the 80s. Any relief is a welcome relief. Maybe I can stitch a while, too.

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