Monday, July 07, 2008


Mondays are not my friend.

I stitched until Midnight -- working on Quaker Alphabet. I got a fair amount finished and hope I can get it all done by the coming weekend.

I am so tired of the big projects. Just absolutely burned out.

I have... let's see... And They Sinned, Elizabeth & TLS, Houses of Hawk Run Hollow, and Scottish Castle Sampler to complete.

Oh, there are other big projects in my "to do" stack -- but those can wait.
These need to get done.

And... I am just at wit's end trying to find inspiration and motivation.

I can take ATS and HoHRH one motif / house at a time. So... those are smaller issues. But, oh, Elizabeth & Scottish Castle... those two are both solid-block stitching. My mojo isn't working on those two at all.

I've also decided that the fabric I bought for Scottish Castle is not the one I really want. I'm going to get with Melinda Decker at Sugar Maple Fabrics and see about getting something dyed for me. Something with an azure sky... green field below... I want the fabric to mimic a sunny day in the Scottish Highlands.

This piece is, after all, for Mike.

I'm slowly... S... L... O... W... L... Y... but surely working on E&TLS.
It's just tedious.

I'm at the point now that I prefer the medium-sized to smaller projects.

I will be so relieved when these big ones are over and done. I just can't seem to stay focused on one long enough to finish it.

I wonder... if I dropped everything else... could I knock out ATS by the end of the year? What about Elizabeth? She's on the priority list as she was supposed to be done for my DD's 16th BD -- but it's beginning to look more like a graduation present now.


What am I going to do?

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