Sunday, May 25, 2008

Race / Ballgame Stitching...

This should be a good day to get some stitching done. Mike's settled in the recliner and we're ready to watch the races and the Braves. That's going to be quite a trick, I'm afraid as we're going to have to click back and forth between them.

Looks like the next TV we buy will have one with the dual screens. LOL!

I have about 1/3 left to finish on House #3. That makes me very happy.

School is out and my baby girl will be home during the day and I am so looking forward to that. She's now "officially" a Junior. Class of 2010.

Where did the time go? How did it get away from me?

As a special treat this week, I'm taking her and her BF out to Sushi and a trip to the Mall. Actually, THEY go "malling". I grab a table at Barnes & Noble and stitch and read the XS magazines.

So, time for me to head off to my trusty stitching sofa and get back to my needle and thread.

Here's hoping it's a great day for the Andretti family, Kasey Kahne, and my Braves!

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