Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Crash of the Millennium Falcon...

My most beloved Millennium Falcon aka my computer blew it's power supply pack a few days ago and I'm working from the Death Star (my DD's computer) for a few days.

Of course, all of my favourite links and music files are down for the count right now, so surfing is a mixed bag.

I haven't stitched much, either, as my shoulder is giving me a fit. I decided to rest it for a few days before tackling Elizabeth & TLS this coming weekend.

I'm becoming more and more convinced that the large projects (the BAPs) are no longer appealing to me. Probably because I have so many to do.

Elizabeth & TLS is already a chore as I've become accustomed to smaller motifs rather than large block stitching. What I'll do when it's time to stitch the Scottish Castle Sampler, I just don't know.

I hope this is just a phase I'm going thru. I've got several BAPs I'd really like to get done... including the other two Hawk Run Hollow designs.

Ah, well. Like life, I've got to take this all one stitch at a time.

I may as well go get my needle and start working on it.

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