Sunday, April 20, 2008

WIP Updates!

Hey! I actually stitched this weekend! I've made some progress on Elizabeth and The Lavender Sky, Thread Gathering, Mini-Quaker, and St. Georges.

I didn't get a photo of St. Georges to post tonight but I'll take one tomorrow.

I'm going to work on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow for a couple of days, followed by And They Sinned and Elizabeth ATLS. That's my plan, anyway.

There's a good chance we'll be going to Macon for the weekend as Morgan is scheduled to present her project for National History Day. Hopefully, I'll be able to get in a bit of stitching time if we go for the over-night trip.

I have a wonderful new table-top OTT Light (Thanks, Kathie!) for just such occassions!

The weekend after that is the Savannah Scottish Games. That takes up Friday night at the Sponsors and Patrons Reception, the Games on Saturday, Céilidh on Saturday night, thru the Kirkin' O' The Tartan on Sunday Morning at the Presbyterian Church (Church or Kirk of Scotland) on Bull Street.

That's a full weekend and usually leaves us all happily exhausted.
Not that my chronic insomnia doesn't keep me in a state of exhaustion anyway.

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