Saturday, April 12, 2008

So much for my good intentions...

I decided to put away my small wips last night and devote some much-needed stitching time to And They Sinned and Elizabeth and The Lavender Sky.

So much for the best laid schemes 'o mice and men. Robbie Burns was right -- it never works out the way you plan.

I can't locate my GAST / WDW for And The Sinned. I looked everywhere. I know it's here -- just "where" here, I don't know.


I decide, then, to work on Salem Sisters II. I get my silks... get the fabric... now, where the hell is my chart? I have no idea. I've looked high and low and in-between.

My gremlin's been hard at work playing in my stash.

I DO have all of my supplies ready for me so I can stitch on Elizabeth and TLS today. I guess the gremlin thought I'd better get moving on that one.

I've got a Deadliest Catch marathon on today... Baseball at 1:00, and racing tonight.

I should get a lot done on E&TLS.


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