Sunday, April 27, 2008

Long Night... spent frogging...

I don't know if it's the fabric or if it's the silk... or if it's me.

I was working on Call of the Ocean last night for a bit... and could NOT get my stitches to line up correctly or lay flat. I ripped out a whole length of stitches (about 40 or so) and re-stitched them.

Still not right.

So. I ripped them out again and not only went down from two strands of Vikki's regular to just one and even changed colours! Now, this time, it worked and all looks good.

Makes me wonder... the label on the lugana says 28 ct. but I believe it's really 32 ct. That would certainly explain some of it. But... I really think this particular piece of fabric is just "off" somewhere.

The chart is wonderful. I was born and raised on an island and, once Mike had his eyes filled with sea spray and his shoes filled with sand, he never wanted to leave the Ocean, either.

I'll try to get back to it later this afternoon and hope I have some progress made.
However, one more go-round with the frog and I'll be tossing that fabric for a new piece.

I realize I should be working on Elizabeth & The Lavender Sky. I just keep putting if off. Why I don't know. Maybe because I stitch for three hours and it doesn't look like I've made any progress. Oh, well. I Will get it done!

Tuesday, I'll work on St. Georges. Mike's going to be in the hospital most of the morning, so I'll take my table-top OTT light with me and work on that while he's having the tests done.

Now, my Mom's got to have surgery again, too. So, I may get this piece done soon.

Not exactly how I'd planned it... but... it works I guess. Just sitting and twiddling my thumbs in waiting rooms is not for me.

Right now, I'm taking Mike out for brunch. Since he can't eat ANYTHING at all after Midnight tonight thru Tuesday's tests and procedures... he deserves a treat.

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