Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What a fun way to start the week!


Sunday evening totally mucked up my computer life for a while. Whilst stitching n the living room, my DD and I heard a loud "SNAP -- POP"! Seems there was a power surge. By the time we ran in to the computer room, my computer was "stuttering". We shut everything down and unplugged it.

Monday evening, my DD brought the computer back in to the dining room and hooked it up -- it's working fine -- no damage that we can see. But the surge protector gave it's life for us. It's fried.

I'm on Morgan's laptop. How she rigged it to access the Internet, I don't know. The kid's one helluva tech!

Happily, I did get some stash in the mail. Shores of Hawk Run Hollow is here! I also got the 1797 Sampler, Seven Sailors, and Call of the Ocean.

I also got three new spools of silk from Vikki Clayton. I'll try to post a picture later on.

I managed to finish the first corner square of the border of Elizabeth and the Lavender Sky. I have three motifs done on Quackworth Sampler, too.

I did get a FEW things accomplished this weekend anyway.

I just hope I can spend a few hours stitching this week.

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