Saturday, February 16, 2008

SBQ! And Saturday Musings.

Do you have any projects that you have scrapped and started over? What made you start over from scratch?

Two, if I recall correctly. One was a square for a quilt. Somehow, the silver "goo" from a scratch-off lottery ticket got on white fabric. No, it would not come off.

I just started over -- I even did a different design!

The other was many years back... probably... 13 or so years ago. It was a free ML-I angel and I started it on aida. I switched off to linen within a couple hundred stitches. That piece I donated to the Saint Andrews School Annual Auction.

Now, I've started a few projects on a certain colour fabric and known within just a few stitches that the colours -- a floss toss notwithstanding -- just weren't working. But, to me, it's not quite the same thing as putting real time into a project only to realize that somethings not quite right.

I have one big project that languishes still in my stitching bag. It's rayon floss on aida. I know I'll NEVER finish it. I have the chart safely tucked away for "another day" -- but I still can't bring myself to either finish the piece or toss it.

Thankfully, it is the only project in limbo.

I'm off to the grocery store to prepare my end of the "potluck" for tonight's GTG in Savannah. Hopefully, by the time I get to the store, I'll have some idea of what I'm going to take.

My DD has requested Pico de gallo and chips. I make it the easy way with two cans drained rotel tomatoes (I hate seeding and dicing tomatoes), a chopped white onion, a chopped jalapeno (NO SEEDS!), a can of rinsed. drained black beans, and chopped cilantro. Just 1/2 lime squeezed over the top. Mix thoroughly and let it stand, covered, in the fridge for two hours.

I think the Pico along with some taquitos and empanada will be good. I know that's not Scottish Fare -- but others bring that. Although... I may well make some Scotch Eggs -- I have plenty of HPs to go around.

I'm also hoping that my next order of charts will be here by tonight. I should be receiving Polly Wolly Doodle & My Beloved. I think that's the last chart order I have out now.

Now, I'm going to focus on some fabric purchases. Like I need more fabric, right? ;)

Have a wonderful day, ya'll!

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