Monday, January 28, 2008

New Carriage House Samplings Designs

The new designs from Carriage House Samplings are posted.

I'm not to wild about Shores of Hawk Run Hollow. It doesn't appeal to me... yet. Maybe, given some time, it'll grow on me.

The one I really DO like is His Heart Belongs to Me. I want that one. I'll change the word York to Georgia, most likely!

I'm waiting on the Postman. I've got... let's see... 8 or 9 charts coming and a ton of silks from Vikki Clayton.
This is my wish list / belated Christmas / reward for 2007's very productive stitching! Because I met (and surpassed) my goal -- I'm treating myself to some well-deserved goodies.

Right now, I'm off to round up all of my silk spools purchased from Vikki. I "think" they'll fit into the gorgeous Hydrangea box that Mike bought for me. I hope so. If they do, I'll post a photo later.

If only the postman would hurry up!!!

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