Friday, December 21, 2007

Long Day.

It's been a long day -- and wee hours into another day.

My Daddy retired today -- after 24 1/2 years with his Company. There was a small party at his office -- My sister and I went. She brought along her two kiddos and I brought my DD and her boyfriend. I think Daddy was shocked -- but he was pleasantly shocked, so that worked out well.

I worked on Bethlehem / Three Kings for most of the evening. I got a lot done and have about 1/4 left to do. I'm going to do the Star of Bethlehem in either silver or gold braid -- I can't decide which will look best on that fabric.

I "think" I may be able to have it finished by Saturday evening or Sunday. Now... if I do finish it... I plan on jumping headlong into
St. Georges and possibly finishing that by New Year's Day -- realizing, of course, that would be quite a feat. 10 days to finish something I've been carting around for well over a year!

I'm also hoping against hope that I'll have at least two skeins of Vikki Clayton's premium Holly Leaves left over from it. I really want to use that same design for the Celtic Heart chart that I want to do.

Right at this moment, however, the Ambien is kicking in and I must go fall down.


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