Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Last update before finishing Their Song!

I'm almost finished with Their Song! Just a few motifs and one blackbird to go and it's done! Barring any unforeseen obstacles -- I'll have it done by the afternoon.

I have three choices on what to concentrate on next:

Bethlehem / Three Kings (most likely), St. Georges (too often over-looked and neglected), or If the Broom Fits... (annoyed with that damn witch's hat).

I feel sure it'll be Bethlehem / Three Kings as that one works up fairly quickly and it would be nice to finish it before year's end!

Right now, however, I'm going to try to get some sleep. The insomnia is productive in that I'm stitching but it's maddening nonetheless. Doesn't help that this damn weather can't seem to decide for itself if it's Winter coming on or summer.

It was 81 degrees today and we had the A/C turned on. In mid-December. Go figure. And what do i get out of all of this? Another bout of bronchitis, of course!

I'm sleeping in the recliner so I can breathe.

Night, ya'll.

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