Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sonata -- Update

I'm very close to the half-way point on Sonata. This is turning out to be a very fun stitch and it's moving along quickly.

I've found two heart motifs on the pattern that I didn't notice before and I'm going to stitch those in a deep variegated red. I hope it will look okay -- if it doesn't, I'll just frog it out.

I apologize for the "wanky" photo -- I took this an hour or so ago and just didn't get the darn thing in the camera the way I wanted. I end up taking these photos at night and, in the dark, I can't see a darn thing.

I'll have a picture tomorrow of a neat find from Goodwill. I walked in to the store in Bloomingdale and walked straight to a box that said Janlynn on it. It was a big clock! All the clock workings are intact -- the wood clock frame is in excellent condition and the kit itself hasn't been opened. $4.00, folks.

I told Mike that I probably won't do the bird design that's in the kit, but instead will substitute a Quaker design on a slightly darker fabric than the white aida.

I also found a neat mason jar filled with buttons for $1.00 -- it has a cross-stitched topper on it. That will have to come off and get washed -- if it doesn't come clean, I'll just stitch another one.

Hey, that was $5.00 well-spent today. I'm happy with it!

Now, if I could just find that doggone piece of black linen... Oh, Saint Anthony... I need you!

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