Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I stitched!

I stitched yesterday! For the first time since July 24th -- I sat down with Houses of Hawk Run Hollow and worked on it for over an hour.
I didn't make w hole lot of progress and it wasn't much time -- but it was a good start.

I had to shuffle thru some stash to find it and that was a good thing as it made my eager to start something new. I am ordering the silks for both Geranium House & Coffee Menu today. I just have to finish up converting them from DMC, GAST to Vikki Clayton's HDF.

I also managed to find a cool, light pea-green evenweave from Silkweaver with sparkle threads for Flying Monkeys. That's one of my group's SARs.

Ah, well. The rain is coming down here in Southeast Georgia (how I wish I could send some of this to Southern California) and I've got to go pull something out for tonight's dinner.
Then, I'm going to snuggle in on the sofa and take out something to stitch for a couple of hours.

"Stitch" -- how I like the sound of that!

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