Saturday, August 04, 2007

Time to pick up my needle?

I think it's time to pick up my needle. I haven't stitched in almost two weeks now.

I'm feeling a bit better and the pain is receding... hopefully, I'll be able to stay relaxed and pain-free long enough to finish my little sister's now-late birthday gift.

I just received Un vol de Sorcieres (Flight of the Sorcerers) from an SAL friend. She ordered one for each of us. We missed out on the first order but not too many folks have started it yet. I LURVE the way the chart is packaged and laid out. Easy to work from and big enough to easily see!

Now, I just have to convert the DMC to Vikki's HDF and see if the lavender fabric will work well with the silk colours. I may have to order fabric for it -- I just don't know.

I do know that the Braves are on and they need to make up for that loss to the Rockies last night.

Let's go Bravos -- the clock is ticking and we need to catch those Mets!

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