Thursday, August 30, 2007

As August comes to a close...

My desire to stitch is happily returning. However, before I can start, I've got to re-group my WIPs and sort everything out.
When I hurriedly stashed everything away a month ago -- I did so helter-skelter and I'm not really sure where I put all of my supplies.

Today, I want to find Their Song by Blackbird Designs and get to work on that. My MB is planning an SAR (stitch around) with that one. We've already got several SARs out and about: V is for Viper, My Needle and My Floss, Sonata, Salem Sisters...

I'll be so glad to be stitching again. Mike's been grumbling at me for several days to get with it. Today, however, is really the first day that both my enthusiasm and my health have been on the same page.
If I can get a couple hours on Their Song early today, then I'll put a couple hours in to St. Georges this evening.

Will try to post a updated photo of both but I still can't get me &*&^%^%^ scanner / copier to work right. Will have to wait until my DD gets home -- she'll scan it on hers.

BTW: I baked the birthday crew (Mike and Morgan) a French Vanilla cake with Chocolate butter creme frosting. It was a big hit!
I'm taking them, Daddy, Mom, and DD's boyfriend, Nick out to Love's Seafood on Saturday. It's Morgan's and Daddy's favourite place to eat -- they serve Alligator Fingers!

I'll stick with the baked Flounder, thanks so much!

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