Sunday, July 15, 2007


I really hadn't planned on starting anything new tonight... but I realized I hadn't done anything on the Freebie Challenge lately. So, I started Quaker Time about 9:00 while watching The Next Food Network Star.

I found a small piece of 28 ct. Miracle Mint linen and grabbed a skein of Vikki Clayton's Dragon Hoard. I don't know if I'll be finished with it tonight as I think I'm going back to change the way I did the F. (I'm subbing my own initials for the A, B, C that's charted).

I will have it done early tomorrow, though. It's a small design. I really like these small pieces as it gives me a chance to utilize all of Vikki's variegated silk colours.

Then again... my DD is now off with my Dad for a week (or two) and I don't sleep much when she's gone. I may well get it done before I finally go to sleep!

I "plan" on stitching Je Brode this week as well.

Ha. Ha. ;0

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