Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Salem Sisters -- 2/3 complete!

I am so happy! Salem Sisters is about 2/3 complete now! I should have it done by Thursday if I can get more time to stitch -- it's been a busy week so far.

This weekend I need to devote some time to And They Sinned. I haven't started on page two yet. I am still trying to decide what colour to use for the big alphabet on the page. I have some to-die-for blue from Vikki Clayton -- still trying to decide of I want to play mix-and-match with cottons and silks.

I have the border for House #3 of HoHRH done -- I think that will be a July goal. And, Lord, how rapidly July approaches. Blink and school starts... blink again and it's Labour Day Weekend.

After that... the clocks seems to move at warp speed and it's New year's Day. It never slows down now.

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