Sunday, June 03, 2007

Rain, stitching, races, and baseball

It started raining here on Friday night... and it just stopped raining about an hour ago. Lord, thank you! We needed it!

Southeast Georgia is still behind about 5 inches in rainfall, but this good soaking rain did wonders for us.

I should've gotten a photo of the Georgia pines in my front yard - the needles were all pointing upwards -- begging for the rain. Maybe they are still that way -- will get my camera and check it out.

It sure knocked the pollen out of everything and washed it away, too. My sinuses are very appreciative.

I worked on Bethlehem / Three Kings yesterday but seemingly didn't make as much progress as I would've liked.

Today I'll work on And They Sinned. I am still on the Tree of Life.

Hey! There's a race on at 1:00 and the Braves play the Cubs at 2:00. So, I'll have plenty of stitching / TV time today!


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