Thursday, June 28, 2007

A day without stitching...

Is annoying.

I meant to work on (and possibly finish) Salem Sisters yesterday, but life got in the way. Yes... it was 'errand day' for everyone. And it left me with a migraine -- so no stitching.

Today, however, I'm hoping to get the last lines of SS completed -- maybe the cats on the bottom row, I don't know.

There's no way I'm going to have ANY of page 2 of ATS done -- so I'm thinking of working on HoHRH for the first week of July.

I haven't put any stitches into St. Georges in quite a long time and I should be working on it to get it done and off of my list. Maybe those three items will be my July goals: Finish St. Georges, Complete top half of page two of ATS, finish House #3 of HoHRH.

Those seem like reasonable goals. I just have to convince myself not to start any small stuff. Uh huh.

Oh, well, enough chattering. I've got stitching to do!

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