Friday, June 01, 2007

Ah, it's the weekend...

There is hope for rain!

A Tropical Depression has formed off of the Florida Coast and may well bring the Coastal Counties of Southeast Georgia some much needed rain. We surely need it. My grass is brown and scraggly - and normally we have a yard full of lovely, thick green grass by this time of year.

Rain always helps my stitching, too. It's very soothing and I can really get into a nice rhythm.

This weekend, I want to finish (finally) page one of And They Sinned. I also want to put a few hours into Bethlehem / Three Kings.

Since B/TH is all done in Vikki Clayton's Embers it's just a matter of counting -- no constant colour-changing to worry about.

I'm taking my DD and her friend out to lunch today at our favourite Chinese restaurant. They'll be closed for a month for remodeling and my DD is having withdrawal pains already.

This weekend will also be filled with Braves baseball -- we play the Cub in a three-game series in Chicago. All day games, too. The way baseball SHOULD be played!

All-in-all, I think this will be a good weekend for getting some stitching done.

I hope your weekend is filled with stitching time, too!

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