Sunday, May 06, 2007

Scottish Games: Heavy on the photos!

We had a blast at the Savannah Scottish Games yesterday! It's a great way for us to celebrate our anniversary each year (The games are always the first weekend in May -- so it usually works out that way).

We had a long day... left the house about 7:00 a.m and didn't get home until 11:00 p.m. or so.

The tents are all set up around the Games Field -- so we had a great view of the events. One fellow threw at perfect 12:00 on the Caber Toss! And new records were set in the Sheaf Toss and Hammer Throw!

We had our usual feast of Bridies, Scotch Eggs, and Deep-fried Mars Bars!

Mike bought me a beautiful Sterling Silver Claddagh ring with an Opal heart.
I love it! That was part of my Anniversary gift.

We treated ourselves to dinner at Churchill's Pub on Bay Street afterwards... Yorshire Pudding and Shepherd's Pie enjoyed by all!

The Ceilidh was fantastic. Alex Beaton and the Wyndbreakers (my favourite Celtic band) performed.

You can hear the Wyndbreakers here:
By Request

We really had such a great time yesterday. We're seriously thinking of foregoing CATS in Hershey this year to do the Stone Mountain Games in Stone Mountain, Georgia instead.


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