Monday, April 30, 2007

My weekly stitching goals: April 30 - May 6

I want to work on Quaker Garden Sampler today -- I'm about 1/2 done now!
I don't really think I can finish it today, though.

I'll go back to And They Sinned Tuesday -- hope to have page one complete by Friday!

I also want to put a couple hours into Salem Sisters today -- just to get started on it (and meet an April goal!).

Looking back at April -- I'm fairly pleased. I worked hard on And They Sinned and got a lot done. I finished four projects: Tybee Lighthouse, Hedgehog Quaker, House #2, and the Victoria's Quaker Stitcher motif.

Not too bad.

My goals for May -- well, I'm still thinking about what I want to accomplish. May is a busy month for us.

I'll have my plans mapped out by tomorrow, though!

On a high note: My DD just returned from her Washington, D.C trip -- the bus got to the school about 4:15 this morning.
I was so happy to have her home -- it's been a long 4 days! I missed her!

She brought me stash, too! She bought a George Washington XS kit (from olde Towne Alexandria, I think) and a keychain that says "MOM" on it!

Ya gotta love a kid that brings stash home to Mommy! :)

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