Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Long Journey from UFO to WIP!

When I was deleting posts from an old message board the other night, I came upon a post I'd made on March 25, 2004. In the signature line was... WIPs: And The Sinned.

You're kidding, right? That CAN'T be right -- can it?

I started the darn thing in 2004 and here it's 2007 and I am just now reaching the bottom of page one???

This is a project that I've put off and put off for three years now. Gone on long enough, I think. I'm gonna keep working on it and relegate the other projects to weekends, if I can, and finish this up as soon as possible!

I do have the satisfaction of knowing that Saddeeky's been working on her's that long, too.

She made me stitch this, ya know.

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