Monday, April 23, 2007

Late Sunday Evening (Early Monday Morning) ATS Update

This is where I am at Midnight on April 23. The thistle and shamrock are added along with the embroidery hoop and needle.
I've got the star / flower motif finished and I've started on the Tree of Life.
All in all -- a productive weekend.
Now, do I put this down until Friday? Or stay on this roll I've been on for four days?
If I want to finish Quaker Garden Sampler then I have to put And They Sinned back in the WIP basket. Then I risk losing my momentum.
I think -- tentatively -- that I'll keep going on ATS and pick up QGS for my weekend stitch. That's less complicated for me right now.
My DD leaves for her Washington, D.C trip on Wednesday night. I'll probably be up all night worrying about her -- so I'll be stitching anyway.
She won't get home until the early hours of Monday morning. So that's... what?... 5 sleepless days and nights for me? I ought to be a wreck by the end of that stretch.
I've seen a photo of ATS where the stitcher didn't add the green to the very bottom and I liked that much better. I may not add all that green, either.
I shouldn't even be thinking that far ahead as I'm just now reaching the bottom of page one.
All I know is that I want to finish this. After this one (and Elizabeth and the Lavender Sky and HoHRH ) is finished -- I think I'll take a year off to just work on smaller projects. The BAPs are wearing me out!

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