Thursday, April 12, 2007


When morning dawned in the early hours of 2007, I set a goal of 10 finishes for the year. I've finished six and am working on number seven. I'm surprising myself these days -- I don't think I've ever worked so hard to finish so many pieces.

I give credit to the stitching blogs and the bloggers who write them. It's such a neat thing to cruise the blogs, gather ideas and inspiration. Just last night, I ordered a chart and fabric for a piece that I'm seeing stitched up on several blogs:
Their Song by Blackbird Designs.

There are certainly several more that have found their way into my stash like that! Quaker Garden Sampler, Home of a Needleworker, St. Georges...

I'm pretty sure I'm going to make 10 finishes before summer is over. But I'm not quite ready to "up" the ante and raise my goals quite yet. Wait'll I have 8 or 9 finishes -- then we'll see! For right now, I'm happy with what I've accomplished and look forward to accomplishing even more!

If I was really smart, I'd get two of these huge WIPs out of the way: Houses of Hawk Run Hollow and And They Sinned. Yes... just think of how many smaller pieces I could finish if I didn't have those two staring at me!

And They Sinned is big -- true story -- but the motifs themselves are not really labour-intensive (except for the never-ending-cloud).
I need to pick that one up next week and work on the Tree of Life. That would allow me to move on to Page Two.

Houses of Hawk Run Hollow -- Now that IS labour-intensive!
Solid stitching... a lot of crossing each stitch as you go -- lots of colour changes. I just thank heaven it's all whole stitches!

Oh, well. Like any other project, those too will see a finish line. I just don't know when!

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