Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dental Floss...

Well, kinda.

I managed to work on Long Dog's St. Georges today -- at the Dentist's office -- My DD had an appointment and we had a long wait as we got there about a half-hour early.

I realized that it was during her last checkup that I'd started the project. I've been getting time in on it only a little at a time. I've got about... oh... 1/3 of the border finished.

I'm pleased with it -- the Holly Leaves premium silk from Vikki Clayton really works well with the raw linen. And, of course, it has a very Celtic feel to it.
Mike (DH) says he wants to hang this one in his office with his dragons.

I thought about taking A New Beginning with me today, but it's just so big. I really didn't want to carry it and run the risk of anything happening to it. I'm almost there... almost done...

When it is finally finished -- I'd love to quickly finish up both St. Georges and Quaker Garden Sampler. Of course, I really have to hurry up and get that Lighthouse done for my anniversary.

Too much stash... too many projects... too few hours...

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