Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Unexpected stash haul!

This is my unexpected stash haul! Mike and I were out cruising the thrift stores and flea markets last weekend when we went into the Red Needle Knitting Cafe.
The owner had all of her XS charts up at 1/2 price -- one big box of it.
So Mike bought it for me.

There are all kinds of charts in it: PB Moss, Pat Rogers, Pat Carson, Alma Lynne, Sisters & Best Friends, Cricket Collections, Vanessa-Anne, De Grazia. Leisure Arts, Shepherd's Bush... There were 11 hardback books... several soft-cover books, including the one Mike is holding that is a series of plates from the Therese de Dillmont Collection.

I'm keeping a fair amount of stash from the box -- but will be selling off a lot of it, too. That' ll give me a few extra dollars for more fabric (like I really need any more...).

This does not, according to Mike, break my 10 / 25 / 50 Challenge because HE bought it and I didn't ask him to do it!

I think I'll keep him!

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