Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Stash and Stitch

I got two gorgeous new spools of Vikki Clayton's silks last evening. A dark cranberry and a deep purple. I have two monochrome charts already picked out for them.

I stitched yesterday, too. Spent two hours on A New Beginning while I waited for the FedEx man to deliver Mike's "Prince Charlie" -- that's the formal Jacket he wears with his Kilt.

All in all -- it was a great day -- and we had a blast in the Oglethorpe Room -- 14 stories up in the DeSoto Hilton. It was the most fantastic view of Savannah I've ever seen.

There were Kilts everywhere!

From today, everything starts building toward the Scottish Games in May. I think the Games fall on our anniversary this year...

I've got to grab a water and get back to my corner of the sofa -- I need to finish up A New Beginning. I've got to chart the quote for my In Memoriam to Sue Gastler...

Time to get back to it.

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