Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Too many...

I have too many WIPs! Too. Many. WIPs.

I can't decide what to work on tonight... ain't that a helluva note?

ATS is best worked on during daylight hours right now -- so that's out. I don't have much interest in Washday Again... so...

Maybe I should get back to Houses of Hawk Run Hollow. I'm on House #2 -- even have a fairly good start to it. That's something I'd really like to finish this year.

Too many WIPs -- I'm feeling a bit over-whelmed by it all. I need a quick finish (yeah... right...) but even Quaker Garden Sampler is going to take up some time.

Oh, heck... I forgot to start Sampler House, too. Maybe I should hold off on that one until I DO have another finish under my cap.

I placed another order for fabric with Stab 'n' Stash today. I bought the Sunrise for my Lighthouse... Carnival for no particular reason except I love the colour and Bloody Mary for my DD's Hinzeit MUSIC project.

Oh, well, time's a wastin' -- I need to find my needles!

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