Saturday, January 13, 2007


I have entirely too many WIPS. I just can't help myself -- I love starting new projects (at least I'm finishing most of them these days!).

This morning, I'm going to put my first stitches into Quaker Garden Sampler -- It's a project that's been calling to me for quite a while now. I have both the WDW and the HDF fibres... and I'm still unresolved about which I want to use.
I may well re-order the fabric from Lois at Elegant Stitch and do this one twice.

I've done a couple of pieces more than once.

The Tybee Lighthouse I've done... let's see... three times now. And still haven't kept one for myself. I gave one to an aunt... one to my MIL... and one hangs in the Tybee Island Post office.
They've (the US Coast Guard) since changed the Daymark of the Lighthouse, so when I do stitch it, I'll have to change the colour scheme somewhat.

Of course, the next time I stitch it will probably be for Mike -- maybe for our upcoming anniversary. 17 years in May!
Yeah... that's really not a bad idea... he does love that lighthouse.

I think I know the perfect fabric for it, too. Sunrise by Stab 'n' Stash. I have a small sample of it here... just need to order a larger piece!
I can get the threads from Vikki Clayton...

Hot diggity dawg! I just talked myself into the perfect anniversary gift for Mike!
Too cool!

Today is turning out quite nicely.

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