Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Candy Box

This is the Saint Valentine's Day Candy Box design that was offered by CS&CC several years ago. Somehow, it's become the MUST DO design of the week! And guess who fell for it?


I've had the magazine since it was published -- always loved the design but really never thought much about stitching it. Until now.

I'm going to use a very pale pink linen and convert the DMC to Vikki Clayton's HDF... and maybe a few Dinky Dyes added for good measure.

This ought to be fun -- we're doing a very informal SAL -- anyone can join in. We plan to start on Saint Valentine's Day (February 14) of 2007 with a projected finish of Saint Valentine's Day of 2008. With approx. 33 'candies' to stitch -- you can stitch one piece per week and still finish in time to have the project mounted in a candy box (I'd buy that box now, though!).

I'm adding this to my on-going 10 / 25 / 50 Challenge and when it's done, I'll pass the magazine on to someone else who wants to stitch it.

Just one more WIP in the ever-growing pile!

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