Thursday, December 14, 2006

Stitching Again!

Thank Heaven! It still twinges a bit but most of the pain is gone.

I worked a bit on the quilt square yesterday and plan on doing some more on it today. I'm taking it slow and trying not to "over do".

Everyone is talking about And They Sinned these days and I really do need to put some time into mine. Maybe this weekend -- I think Mike's working and DD will be off to her grand-dad's on a pre-ski trip shopping spree!

That leaves me, Mom, the cats, and the Fellowship for the weekend. Off to Minas Tirith we go.

I also keep hearing (reading) about the 10 / 25/ 50 Stitching Challenge. I'm thinking... maybe that wouldn't be a bad thing to do. I probably have most of the floss and the fabrics for everything in my stash.

The only real problem I forsee is breaking it down into BAPs and smaller WIPs.

I'm going to get a few friends together and see if they want to do this with me. 'Cause I gotta have some support, otherwise I'll be on another buying spree in no time!

Okay. Enough computer time -- back to the quilt square!

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