Monday, October 16, 2006

Resistance is... futile.

I want to start a new project. I really want to start a new project! I already have one... okay, two... picked out:
Westwinds by Carriage House Samplings and Quaker Garden by Blackbird Designs.

I'm expecting the chart of Quaker Garden, the linen, and two sets of floss to arrive in the next day or so. I have two sets of floss coming: One set of the suggested Weeks Dye Works and one set of floss converted to Vikki Clayton's silks. I'll do a floss toss to see which I like best.
I already have the chart and silks for Westwinds. I just haven't picked out a linen for it yet.

I'll probably start Quaker Garden. It's been calling to me for a while now.

I also know I'd better hurry up and get Miss Mary Mack and House #5 finished up. I've been neglecting Miss Mary... She's very displeased with me. I'm going to buy her some really pretty silver buttons to make it up to her!

Time to stitch!

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