Monday, October 23, 2006

More stash!

We went out to the Mall yesterday -- ostensibly so I could try to find skull or spider beads (no such luck!) for Miss Mary Mack -- Didn't find those, but did come home with a new stitching bag from A C Moore.

It's got a couple of outside pockets and several inside front pockets -- both velcro closure and zippered. The inside is spacious -- perfect for hauling big projects. And the best part? It was on sale for $5! The scissors were a bargain at $6.99... AND... I had the 40% off coupon, too!
I may go back today and buy another bag.

The fob is the Saint Clare fob that Trixie / Tammie offered during one of her giveaways! I love it.

This is much improved over my old stitching bag which had NO inside pockets at all and only one small outside pocket.

I'm going to give my DD's best friend my older bag -- she's stitching now and didn't have a carry-all for her growing XS Supplies. I think this will work for her for a while.

I love getting new stash -- my other stuff should be here soon!

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