Thursday, October 12, 2006

Found an old XS piece

I found this trivet in a box this morning. I remember well stitching it and the 4 coasters and napkins to go along with it.
I still have those packed away somewhere, too.

I never used them. I really ought to find them and put them all together in one place for next summer.

The napkins are real neat... I did watermelon slices on a deep coral evenweave.
As soon as I can put my hands on them, I'll scan them. I seem to remember the design came from an old issue of For the Love of Cross Stitch.
I have those pages still -- tore them out of the magazine. I should've just kept the magazine intact, but that was... oh... 1996 or so. Before I knew better!

Oh well, I'm off to look for those napkins and coasters...
I'm hoping they're all in my fabric box.

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