Saturday, September 30, 2006

OCTOBER GOALS (September progress)

This was not my best month. I didn't really accomplish any of my stitching goals at all. I blame it on stress.
Oh, well.

The holidays are speeding toward us and I've pared down my goals for the rest of this year -- no way to do as much as I had been doing. Not too mention added responsibilities now that my Mother is recovering at home.

If I can do a little -- that will just have to be enough.


NO - Finish bottom half of Page One of And They Sinned --The Tree
NO - Finish House #5 of Houses of Hawk Run Hollow
NO - Finish Miss Mary Mack
NO - Complete top row of motifs: A New Beginning
NO - Complete 1/4 of Washday Again
YES - Blog


Finish House #5, Houses of Hawk Run Hollow
Finish Miss Mary Mack
5 hours per week on And They Sinned

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