Monday, September 25, 2006

Designers and "Scanners"

I've noticed more and more computer-generated charts available than ever before. I don't buy them.

Most of them are poorly charted, blurry, and use too many floss colours.

But what really gets me is those people who scan someone else's artwork through a pattern-maker program and then call themselves "designers".

They are not designers -- they are "Scanners". Scanners take someone's original artwork or design, scan it, and run it through a program on their computer and then try to take credit for it.

That disturbs me.

Now... some companies, such as HAED, are excellent translators and converters of art into Cross Stitch. Others leave so much to be desired (especially in their poor choice of "art" -- the bloody, violent S&M stuff comes quickly to mind -- talk about subversive!).

I'm tired of "scanners" calling themselves designers when most of them have never had an original piece of art work -- much less an original thought.

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