Wednesday, August 09, 2006

ATS Update and other things

I worked on ATS for a little while tonight -- we had some big thunderstorms roll through, so I didn't get too much done.
I got started on it kind of late, anyway, as I'd spent a couple hours on Miss Mary
Mack earlier in the day.

I didn't like the suggested colour for the larger bird in the never-ending cloud, so I used up the remaining WDW Ladybug.
It looks wicked. I love it!

Now, I'm wondering what colour to choose for the smaller bird... *wink*!

I'm also planning a slight change to MMM. I'll let that be a surprise!

Tomorrow, I'll probably devote my morning stitching to ATS and my evening to HoHRH.

I'm feeling more positive about these two projects every day...

I have... 21 days to finish the cloud on ATS (can do!), House #5 of HoHRH, and Miss Mary Mack. Three weeks -- I'm certain I can do it!

I already know that December -- and how close is THAT??? -- is not going to allow me much stitching time. So, I've got 4 months left this year to make some real progress on the BAPs. My goals will be fewer these remaining months... I need to concentrate on the big stuff.

So help me, after ATS, HoHRH, and VoHRH are done... I think I'll lay off the big ones for a while.

You... you believe me.

Don't you???

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