Saturday, July 08, 2006

"Over One"

I really don't like stitching "over one". It's so bloody time consuming... I've just spent the better part of three hours working on Garland Fair's "over one" area... and I still have two more lines to go...

I have to use the stab method because the sewing method isn't working for me at all.

I think, if I'd realized just how time consuming the "over one" area would be, I'd have passed on this design.

Maybe it isn't so much the time... maybe it's the fact that I have to look through my Magnifier on my Daylight Lamp. Usually I stitch just wearing these glasses... But looking thru that magnifier is a right royal pain.

I have decided to only work on the "over one" area while I have daylight... I am not going to subject the family to that lamp shining across the living room at night -- that lamp resembles the Lighthouse at Alexandria.

So, I'll probably finish the "over one" area on Sunday afternoon. Then I can get back to the "over two" and my sanity.

I'll probably work on either Miss Mary Mack tonight or HoHRH -- depends on my mood. If I'm a bit gloomy (that is, if my Braves are losing), then it's MMM. If the Braves are playing well... it's HoHRH.


So much for my break -- I'm off to put dinner on and get back to Garland Fair.

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